Allwinner A13 Q88 Tablet Review

Allwinner A13 Q88

Release Date: October 11 2012

The Allwinner A13 Q88 is a budget tablet that shows amazing value.

Obviously, you can’t compare it to an iPad, but for under $80 the Q88 comes with some impressive features.

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The A13 Q88 runs on a generic Allwinner 1.2ghz processor, which is absolutely fine for most everyday use tablets and will keep up with you. Whether you are playing games, reading an ebook or browsing the internet, this will suit you. It also runs on Android 4.0, known as Ice Cream Sandwich which is the latest Android operating system, so you’ll easily be able to download all your favourite apps and make use of the new features. The Q88 comes pre-installed with most of the commonly used apps and even a few games too, so you can get started right out of the box.

The Allwinner A13 Q88 comes with a very responsive 7″ touch screen, which responds just as well as an iPad or any other high performance tablet. At 7 inches, the screen is quite a bit smaller than an iPad, but it would be perfect for kids or anyone who wants a portable tablet. Adding to the portability is its extremely light weight, making it easy to slip in a bag or pocket and take with you anywhere, great for keeping the kids entertained.

The tablet also comes with a lot of the usual refinements, like a 3 hour battery life, ebook support, 3d gaming support, plenty of multi-media support and a 0.3mp camera. It charges using a mini USB port, so you can use any android phone charger (HTC, Blackberry, etc) to charge the A13. Overall, the Allwinner is an extremely good value tablet and will do most of the tasks a more expensive tablet will do.

Everyday internet browsing, watching Netflix, reading ebooks, playing games and using your favourite apps, this tablet will allow you to do it all. If you’re after a tablet for any of these uses, you should definitely consider the Allwinner A13 Q88.

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